Does the coaxial cable is safe for home applications?

The coaxial cable will deliver high-frequency electric signals with low signal loss and it may be used in many applications like cable television, telephones, trunk lines, cell phone booster, etc.

This type of cables comes in different sizes and lengths based on their applications, for trunk lines and cell phone boosters the cable will be in the shortest size but for the television have to use the maximum length of coaxial cable for TV.

It has an inner and outer core which divided by its geometric axis and its use to prevent electromagnetic interference and reliable data transmission for long distances.

Construction of the cable:

The coaxial cable is made up of 4 layers. The innermost wire is built with copper-coated steel wire which will carry the high-frequency signal and this wire will the surrounded by the dielectric insulator which is commonly made of plastic, that will act as a shield in between center conductor and next layer.

The insulator is protected with metal made up of aluminum which use to cancel the outside electromagnetic interference. And the final layer is made up of rubber which will cover the whole cable.

The coaxial cable is used in both indoor and outdoor applications. When it is used outdoor then it has some additional protection for the wire from sunlight and moisture. The outdoor cables are widely used for applications like a satellite dish and cable box.

Working of the cable:

A cable carries the signal to the copper wire as well as a metal protector which will produce the magnetic field and the insulator is used to protect the outside magnetic field. As a result, a signal loss with little length coaxial cable.

signal loss

Signal loss in coaxial cable:

There are 3 types of standard cables are used in the television distribution system. They are commonly called series 59, 6, and 11 also called RG 59, 6 and 11. Series 59 is the smallest in length and series 11 is the largest length.

Signal gets lost with a little length of the coaxial cable (series 59) in the series 11 the signal loss will be less and it is bulky in size and hard to install, it will little expensive than series 6. In series 6, handling will be easy and especially, for the television maximum length of coaxial cable affect signal and the frequency.

The coaxial cable loss is mentioned in dB loss per 100 feet.