How to test the connections and signals of antenna?

To test an antenna signal, have to follow some steps:

Disconnect the serial 6 coaxial cables from the television and connects the “F” connector to the antenna signal meter and marked “Antenna”, then connect your television to the socket of antenna signal meter and marked as “TV”.

And now turn on your antenna signal meter and start from the lowest channel from your area and then rotates at 360 degrees and make a pause on the highest antenna signal strength.

Kindly use the instruments like a compass to read the highest antenna signal and continue it for each channel recording if you have provided with rotor then produce the optimal direction list for each channel.

test connections

There is another way to test your antenna reception, before starting into testing please find the channels that are available in your area by using station finder.

If the results are got in green and yellow channels then we can proceed but the result in the red channel then there is no broadcast TV signal in the area, the solution is to use the low-cost streaming TV service cheaper than cable.

Test using a multimeter:

An antenna will receive the small radio signal by generating an electrical impulse that will be transmitted down a conductive wire to the device. The multimeter is used to test to signal of antenna that traveling and the receiving device.

If the antenna is not grounded properly then the signal will receive the interference from the electrical potential antenna. unit “OHMS” is used to measure the resistance of the antenna circuit, so the setting should be changed in the multimeter.

Then remove the antenna from the device where the signal is receiving, for example, if the antenna is connected to the TV then unplug the wire from the TV.

The multimeter has 2 ends needles, one should be connected with the metal part of the antenna and another should be connected with metal core of the cable now the result of ohms should be zero if the reading shows higher value than the antenna is damaged, and that is preventing the signal to reach the reception device.

Touch one end of the multimeter to the metal jacket around the antenna connector and touch another end to the ground, if the reading is not in zero, then the antenna is not grounded properly.

The above-mentioned process is used to check the signal and test an antenna and its connection to television and its reception.